Eco Drama in Renfrewshire 2016-17

Eco Drama will embark on an exciting new project in 2016-17 collaborating with Primary Schools in Renfrewshire. Eco Drama’s innovative Touring Programme will be delivered across the authority in up to 49 schools, reaching 14,000 pupils with quality creative learning experiences designed to inspire and nurture children and young people’s appreciation of our natural world.

Funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, the project aims to increase learning and awareness in the area of sustainable development education and champions an arts-based learning approach involving theatre productions and drama workshops combined with practical action such as orchard planting, food growing and composting activities. As well as providing quality arts experiences for children and young people in their school environment, the project aims to inspire pro-environmental behaviour and reduce carbon emissions.

Productions & Workshops include; The Worm – An Underground Adventure, The Worm Inspectors, The Forgotten Orchard and Recycling Heroes.

Eco Drama will deliver its Touring Programme in the most environmentally friendly way possible; in the Magic Van, a vehicle run on 100% recycled vegetable oil which reduces emissions by 85% and an Electric Car, helping keep our carbon footprint low and further inspiring children and young about the possibilities of sustainable living.